White Gold Rings – For Contemporary Style and Durability

White gold rings offer a contemporary solution in a jewelry market place where there is an overwhelming array of choices. Especially for engagement rings, the other considerations, aside from which metal to opt for, are color of the ring, size and cut of the diamond (or other gemstone), and number of stones.

If you are thinking of choosing a white gold ring, the first question to ask is: what is white gold? Actually, there are two main types. The first is an alloy of gold and nickel which is used to make hard, more durable rings. The second type of white gold is a mixture of gold and palladium. This is a softer alloy, which is more pliable and is used for setting gemstones – you should not be able to find white gold rings where the band itself is made from the palladium alloy; if you do, ask the jeweller about durability or avoid that ring altogether.

An important point to know about white gold is that it is rarely silvery white naturally, and in fact the term white gold is used to describe gold/nickel alloys of varying hues from pale yellow to pink, and even light brown. White gold rings always look so beautifully silvery white because they are normally rhodium plated. This is also important because it offers some degree of protection to people who suffer from nickel sensitivity, and who may otherwise not be able to wear white gold jewelry. But remember, over time, metal plate can wear away, so choose carefully if you are prone to rashes and irritation due to nickel allergy.

Stylistically, white gold rings are a very good choice as they complement all skin tones and colors, whereas yellow gold jewelry can sometimes look less attractive. Yellow gold rings (and other jewelry) can appear more formal also, so if you’re trying to achieve sophistication with a modern, more informal twist then white gold rings are the answer. Finally, if the ring is for an engagement then white gold is great for highlighting diamonds. Yellow gold can detract somewhat from the appearance of a diamond as the reflection of the band colour can make it look dull.

The other great thing about white gold rings is that they are harder wearing than yellow gold, and so less care is needed in their upkeep. And since there is less gold in a white gold ring than in the yellow gold one, the white gold ring can sometimes cost substantially less. So for the same cost as a traditional yellow gold ring, you could perhaps opt for a bigger, nicer gemstone instead, set into white gold.

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