Gold Rings – Something a Little Unusual

The standard design for gold rings in general is the plain band, especially when people are buying gold wedding rings. These are nice and discreet and show off the beauty of the precious metal itself without the need for any embellishments. Occasionally fashions and trends will determine whether it is best to wear, for example, an 18k gold ring as opposed to a white gold ring, but the design will ruefully remain fairly sober – boring even.

Let’s remember though, that weddings are not the only time in life that you might want to get some bling on your fingers, and there are so many styles available that you can easily get something fairly unique (if something can be fairly unique!) that won’t destroy your bank balance. A stylish gold ring just to wear to be glamorous.

Of course, a ring can still be plain in design – a simple band – but be made from an unusual metal, to give it some personality. Actually, gold rings are very rarely, if ever, made from pure 24 karat gold, since it is too soft. For jewelry, it is mixed with other metals to form stronger alloys which can be fashioned into various colors, depending on which other metals are added, and in what proportions. So you will find that the “usual” yellow gold associated with gold wedding rings (for example) is made from gold, copper and silver. Pink gold – also known as rose gold – is made from the same three metals, but in different proportions (the more copper added, the deeper the color effect). Another popular type for jewelry is white gold, which has copper added, but also palladium or platinum. Cheaper variants use nickel, but this metal can cause allergic reactions in some people. The other common option is green gold, which has a higher proportion of silver added – and sometimes some zinc. So even before considering investigating wacky shapes and designs for a gold ring, you have a wide variety of options using just the stunning array of colors that the various alloys offer.

CZ Art Deco Gold Ring

CZ Art Deco Gold Ring

Then having exhausted the alloy choices, and perhaps intertwining rings of different gold compositions, it might be time to find a beauty that screams out to you. Perhaps rather than a plain band, a pretty engraved pattern might be a good option. It is at this point that the possibility of a gold ring with a big stone springs into your mind. A nice compromise for a special occasion gold ring might be one with a cubic zirconia – basically a fake diamond, similar to those in the Diamonique range of jewelry. Let’s face it, if you are splashing out, and the ring is not for an engagement or a wedding, then you’ll be paying out for the luxury of a precious metal. Getting a diamond buried in it might be going slightly over the top!

So before you opt for the run of the mill, samey old gold band, dare yourself to explore some of the more adventurous styles of gold rings on the market.

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