Filigree Rings For a Touch of Old-Fashioned Romance

filigree rings

Plain diamond solitaire engagement rings are lovely and oh so popular, but sometimes a girl wants something a little bit different, more individual and more romantic. Filigree rings can provide the air of old fashioned romance that can sometimes be lacking in a modern relationship. Are you planning on proposing marriage to your fiancée? If so, then take a look at this wonderful type of ornate engagement rings on offer.

This kind of ring features detailed metalwork, which normally has symmetrical patterns. The designs can be so fine and delicate that they can be compared to lace, or filigree work, hence the name. Artisan rings with such patterns go through a very delicate process to ensure the intricacy of the design. They are produced with or without a central gemstone depending on the complexity of the pattern that they will carry. The more bank-balance-friendly versions are mass-produced through casting though. Watch the following video to see the beautiful old-style metalwork being done by an expert (in this case, he’s making a bracelet).

Rings that showcase elaborate filigree patterns normally don’t carry a central stone mainly because the presence of the stone can overwhelm the ring’s design. However, for an engagement ring, a gemstone is considered de rigueur so these more elaborate rings are probably not suitable. If you are planning to buy this type of engagement ring, you need to know that there are different variations to select from. In fact, in common with any other type of ring, they are highly customizable in order to fit the personal preferences and budgets of different couples.

Some of the choices available include the following:

  • Simple Pattern: Engagement rings with simple patterns are less detailed since they only feature the pattern on a particular part of the ring. The designs can be placed on the ring’s shoulders, around the center stone, or they can serve as mere accents.
  • Complex Pattern: Rings carrying complex patterns feature more ornate designs. They often have intricate metalwork that may dominate the entire ring band, or just simply surround the gemstones.
  • Multi-tone Pattern: Rings featuring multi-tone patterns utilize contrasting metals to ascertain that each feature of the design will be relatively visible. When making this kind of pattern, yellow gold combined with white gold or platinum are the most common choices.

Filigree rings are frequently made in a dome style with the dome being of intricate metalwork set with a single precious stone in the center. This works beautifully for a dress ring but could be a little bulky for an engagement ring if you intend to wear a wedding band on the same finger at some point in the future.

You can find a thrilling choice of adorable and often highly affordable, intricate jewelry HERE.

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