Men’s Earrings – a Potted History

Up until the latter half of the 20th century it was rare to see a man wearing earrings and even rarer to see men’s earrings in the stores. The only time you would be likely to see a man wearing earrings would be in an old movie featuring pirates or gypsies.

When the punk era started in the late 1970s, male punks began to pierce their ears, but usually wore safety pins or studs rather than actual earrings. Once we were into the 1980s and fashions for men became more flamboyant, earring wearing began to be more common; however the trend for men was then and is still today to wear just a single earring often just a plain gold or diamond set gold stud. Although rumors were widespread that a man wearing an earring had to be homosexual that is no longer a common belief except in the most conservative sectors of society.

Men wearing earrings continues to be a subject for a good deal of debate regarding the moral and religious connotations but less than it used to. Nowadays, many of the most macho sports, movie and rock stars together with other celebrities and men who are constantly in the news, wear at least one earring, some wear several. It is natural therefore that a lot of young men want to emulate their idols by having an ear pierced. If your son comes to you and announces that he wants an earring, try not to react with shock or horror. A tiny hole in the ear is very insignificant, far less permanent than a tattoo and much less alarming than a brow, lip or nose piercing. A single ear stud is easy to remove for attending an interview or in situations or occupations where it might be out of place.

Since the 1990s it has been so common to see men in all kinds of places wearing earrings that it no longer even excites comment from most people. Recently it has become known for men that wear two or more earrings and the women that date or marry them to say that one earring wearing men are old-fashioned. It is just as usual to see men’s earrings for sale in pairs as singly and there are many fantastic designs available.

Men’s earrings for everyday wear are still usually studs or small hoops and very few men would be seen wearing large dangly earrings. As well as gold and sterling silver, pewter is popular for macho looking men’s jewelry. Some men believe that wearing earrings makes them more attractive to women as it gives them a “bad boy” look.

The fashion for men’s earrings is unlikely to die out anytime soon and is likely to become more and more commonplace. If you are a man who has never worn earrings but are intending to start, just remember that the look you are going for should be more David Beckham and less Corporal Klinger from the television series M.A.S.H.

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