Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – A Tradition Updated

For girls who love beautiful and traditional jewelry styles, yellow gold engagement rings are a natural choice. Ever since rings were first given as a symbol of the union between a man and a woman, yellow gold has been the most popular metal used for these rings.

But just because yellow gold is the traditional option, doesn’t mean it has to be staid or boring. Any design of ring and any gemstones can be set in yellow gold. Gold goes with everything. It is visually appealing and opulent looking. Gold has always been and will always be sought-after and valuable. The quantity of gold that exists on this planet is limited, there are no alchemists who can create it and it is near to impossible to destroy. This means that virtually all the gold that has ever been found is still around somewhere today.

Today’s engagement rings are usually fashioned from 14k yellow gold. The most popular engagement ring designs are the diamond solitaire and the three stone diamond rings. Yellow gold sets off colorless diamonds beautifully, where they can look somewhat cold against white gold or platinum, yellow gold gives a warmth and life to the stones. It looks equally wonderful when set with rich green emeralds or brilliant blue sapphires.

The choice of a yellow gold engagement ring is virtually unlimited. Modern ring designs in 14k gold are mainly based around the solitaire or three stone format but the variety of shapes, sizes, types and quality of the stones means that there is an endless range of combinations available. Selecting one ring from amongst so many can be the hardest part.

Although the “tradition” of giving a diamond ring at betrothal or engagement is not as old as you might think and only dates back to the 19th century, a ring of some sort or other has been given as a token since around 600 years before that.

Another option for a yellow gold engagement ring is choosing a vintage or antique ring. White gold has not been in use for engagement rings for very long, so if you choose an older ring it is almost certain to be in yellow gold. A truly antique ring will quite possibly be in 18k gold which is of a higher quality than 14k. Many modern jewelers choose to emulate the designs of antique rings because they belong to a bygone era that is perceived as more romantic. You may be lucky enough to have inherited or have passed down to you a ring that belonged to a member of your family. It is a charming idea to use this ring as an engagement ring now and carry on the family history. Sometimes even another item of gold jewelry containing gemstones, such as a brooch or pendant, if it has been damaged or lost a stone or two, could be remade into a stunning ring.

Whatever style or design of yellow gold engagement rings you choose and whether you opt for a modern up-to-the-minute style or an authentic antique, the ring that you choose to be your engagement ring is an important symbol of your commitment to each other.

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