White Gold Engagement Rings – Timeless Classics With A Modern Twist

Choosing an engagement ring will be a once in a lifetime event and can be a major investment. So it is important to put some thought into buying this ring and not just go for the first one that catches your eye. White gold engagement rings are very popular and particularly those featuring a single beautiful marquise, emerald or asscher cut diamond. These solitaire diamond rings are synonymous with an engagement and anyone seeing one of these stunning rings on the third finger of your left hand could be in any doubt of its meaning.

However, you may decide that although you would like a white gold engagement ring you would prefer something a little more out of the ordinary rather than the classic solitaire diamond. Nowadays there are a host of stunning designs of engagement ring that you might like to take a look at before picking your final selection.

To begin with there are rings that have a large central stone, surrounded by smaller diamonds. This central stone is often oval or emerald cut and can be a sapphire, ruby or emerald. To go against tradition a bit more you could opt for an opal, topaz or peridot while still sticking to a conventional engagement ring design.

Another traditional format for the white gold engagement ring is the trilogy. This three stone ring denotes past, present and future and symbolizes being together forever. There are various different styles of trilogy ring with usually a larger central stone which could be a diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald; round, oval, square or emerald cut with a smaller round or square diamond either side.

Recently engaged celebrities seem to be going for huge fancy colored diamonds for their engagement rings, for example, yellow, pink and even black diamonds have been seen on famous fingers. In 2009 Katharine McPhee’s ring featured both yellow and pink diamonds, whilst Tracey Edmonds acquired a huge emerald cut bright yellow diamond from Cartier and Carmen Electra opted for a black diamond solitaire. The prettiest, and most expensive, of them all is the enormous light pink emerald cut diamond, surrounded by intense pink diamonds on a diamond encrusted band worn by Mariah Carey.

You might like to break with tradition altogether and have something completely different. Just because a ring doesn’t say “engagement ring” beside it in the jewelry store window, doesn’t mean that you can’t have it for your engagement ring.

Remember that at some point you will be wearing a wedding ring alongside your engagement ring and it is fashionable now to shop for both at the same time as a set. If the wedding ring is bought later it is important to try them on together and make sure that both are made of the same quality gold so that they do not wear each other down. A wishbone shaped wedding ring will often fit better around a solitaire or cluster engagement ring than a wedding band. This ensures that the two rings are compatible and will fit together as nicely as hopefully you will as a married couple.

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