Two Tone Engagement Rings

Traditionally, in days gone by, a girl could expect to receive a gold and diamond ring along with a marriage proposal, but in modern times, young couples are frequently looking for a more individual alternative to the conventional ring. Two tone engagement rings are one possible option for having something a little more contemporary.

Two tone rings are so called as they feature two different color metals combined to give a striking effect. With the continuous introduction of creative and artistic ring styles, the conventional standards used when selecting engagement rings has now been overshadowed by innovative new designs. In fact, the ring’s central stone is no longer its only focal feature. Depending on the style and ring construction, the band, the metal or the stone can be the ring’s highlight. Today, young men who want to impress their fiancées with unique looking, but not hugely expensive, engagement rings do not pay as much attention to the size of the stone as they would have formerly. Instead, they look into the overall quality of the ring, which include the ring setting, the shank, the band, and the included accents.

One of the outstanding assets of two-tone rings is their ability to showcase not only the sparkling beauty of the ring’s gem but also the astounding appeal of its metal. In fact the setting and the band of the ring, rather than fading into the background and being just a showcase for the gemstone, can be a work of art in its own right.

When choosing two-tone rings, it is critical that you take note of the following considerations:

• Type of metal used – The truth is two tone engagement rings can be produced with a variety of metals. However, the effect created will depend on the metals that the jeweler has used. For instance, white gold would be the perfect contrast to other colored metals such as yellow gold or rose gold. If you want a dramatic effect, choose two metals with very different contrast to produce the desired result. Alternatively a more subtle result can be achieved by combining metals that are not so diverse, such as different karat values of yellow gold.

• The ring design – A two tone ring will not be so striking if the color variations aren’t blended with creative patterns and designs. Some of the popular ring designs that you should look into include the Celtic, filigree, and split shank styles.

Overall, two tone engagement rings offer an excellent way of showcasing the beauty of the ring as a whole. An eye-catching ring can result from setting a diamond in a wide engraved or filigree setting of 18k yellow or rose gold on a white gold or platinum band. The contrast between the deep rich color of the gold set against the silver tones of the white gold and the glacier beauty of the diamond makes the stone jump out at you. It virtually shouts “look at me, I’m engaged!”

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