Solitaire Engagement Rings – Single Gems For New Couples

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are the most popular type of engagement ring that has ever been made. This type of ring has become so synonymous with engagements that many couples do not even bother to consider any other type of ring. However, the choices of varieties of solitaire engagement rings are still huge. This article should give you some ideas.

When you think of a solitaire ring, the word diamond is bound to spring into your mind. But all that solitaire actually means is a ring containing a single stone, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a diamond. You could choose any gemstone at all for your ring. The choice could be from the precious gemstones (forgetting diamonds for a moment) emerald, ruby or sapphire. And remember this does not have to mean green, red or blue. Sapphires come in colors other than blue, including a stunning pink. Imagine a stunning pink princess cut sapphire as a solitaire in a platinum engagement ring. Maybe now you can begin to see the range of possibilities.

If cost is a big issue and your budget will not run to a diamond or even a sapphire solitaire engagement ring, why not consider the semi-precious gemstones? A single sparkling aquamarine, a vibrant blue topaz, or a citrine as eye-catching as the brightest yellow diamond, are budget-friendly alternatives. The ability to think outside of the box and go for something a little different from the crowd could make your engagement ring look much more individual than others.

If you decide that solitaire engagement rings, as far as they concern you, have to be diamond, then that doesn’t mean you have no choices available. The number one priority has to be to get the best quality diamond you possibly can. Size means nothing in diamond terms without clarity, sparkle and fire. You also need to consider the cut of the diamond. Round brilliant cut, marquise or emerald cut are typical popular cuts for diamond solitaires, but recently princess and asscher cut engagement rings have become fashionable. A heart cut diamond may look romantic but it is quite a wasteful cut so is liable to be more expensive and difficult to come by.

Another consideration is the color. Although everyone thinks of diamonds as being colorless, there are now fancy diamonds in shades of yellow, pink and black that make unusual, though often expensive alternatives. Once you know the color of the diamond, you then have to decide the color of the setting and band. If you want white metal the choice is between white gold and platinum. Sterling silver is a possible but rarely used alternative with diamonds. Should you prefer yellow metal then yellow gold comes in different qualities measured by its carat value. 14k is the most commonly used quality for rings. You could of course opt for rose gold, which is yellow gold to which a small quantity of copper has been added to give the rosy hue. Rose gold gives a ring an old-fashioned romantic quality.

So you see the choices for solitaire engagement rings are practically limitless. Pick your special ring wisely and treasure it for a lifetime.

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