Eternity Rings – An Expression Of Many Loves

Eternity rings are made of precious metals, such as gold, silver or platinum. Unlike wedding bands however, they are embedded with precious stones; diamonds are very popular, but other gemstones can be used. These stones run all the way around the ring for eternity rings, and not surprisingly, run only half the way round for a half eternity ring.

An eternity ring is usually exchanged between marriage partners on a significant anniversary. There are no rules which dictate which one though, so it is left to the individual couples to decide for themselves. They may feel like giving these precious gifts to each other after their first year of married life together, or might decide to wait for one of the “big” anniversaries.

Another important occasion when these love rings are given between a couple, is after the birth of their first child, a powerfully significant event for any couple, and one where they may feel especially drawn to renewing their wedding promises to love and look after each other – and baby –  forever.

These days, conventions do not need to be adhered to, and it is more and more common to see eternity rings exchanged during wedding ceremonies instead of plain wedding bands; and it’s becoming common for them to be given as engagement rings too. After all, giving an engagement ring is a promise to get married and spend the rest of your lives together, so what could be more fitting than an eternity ring in this instance.

The stones in eternity rings do not have to be extremely expensive. Cheaper cubic zirconia rings can be given instead, especially when it is the thought that counts. Often the sentiment is more powerful than the value of the ring, and then the ring is simply a symbol of everlasting love and friendship. So it is quite common for youngsters, especially girls, to exchange eternity rings with their closest friend or friends after graduating from college, when the time comes to leave and begin careers, possibly in distant parts of the country or the world.

These rings are also a sign of ultimate esteem and love that can be given by serving soldiers to their families; or they can be exchanged between parents and their children.

So eternity rings no longer need to be reserved exclusively for lovers and married couples. They exist as an expression of everlasting love and friendship and can therefore be given to anybody close to you in that spirit.

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