A Cushion Cut Engagement Ring For The Love Of Your Life

Someone who desires a cushion cut engagement ring is probably an old fashioned girl at heart. Cushion cut is a very old cut for diamonds and until quite recently was out of fashion and could only be found in antique or vintage rings. It went out of fashion as the cut is not as brilliant as other diamond cuts and did not really show the stones of to their best advantage. However, with modern diamond cutting technology there has been a renewal of interest in this and other old style cuts; so it is that cushion cut diamond engagement rings are having a bit of a revival.

Cushion cut diamonds are normally rectangular but can also be square, the slightly domed shape of this cut is supposed to make the stone resemble a cushion, hence the name. Even though they are becoming more popular it is still not common to see an engagement ring with this cut of diamond in regular jewelry stores. You may have to search around to find one or try some online stores.

One jeweler that does stock cushion cut engagement rings is the famous DeBeers. They have a fabulous simple shank, cushion cut diamond solitaire ring in their bridal collection. The statement on their website “price on application” is probably enough to strike fear into the heart of any but the most determined, and wealthy, fiancé. Two other possible sources Horowitz & Atlass who apparently have renamed the cushion cut as the regent cut (described as “12-sided hearts and arrows fancy shape with the curved pillow-like outline normally associated with a cushion cut”), and TMW Diamonds of New York are too grand to even have an online store.

In all, probably the only chance we mere mortals with regular budgets have of owning a cushion cut engagement ring is if an extremely popular celebrity decides to have one in the near future. Then all the more affordable jewelry stores will be falling over themselves to produce copies for the general public. Other than that the only option of owning one of these rare rings is to find a vintage or antique one.

This 300 year old diamond cut is so little known nowadays that even people selling a cushion cut antique ring may not recognize the cut for what it is. So if you are searching for one on eBay for instance, it will be worthwhile to try looking at all the antique diamond solitaires, or if this is too many, try searching for oval cut which may be confused with cushion cut. In other online stores empirediamond.com has some stunning oval cut diamond engagement rings that would more or less pass for cushion cut at a pinch and wouldn’t require refinancing your home to buy one.

The most important thing when you are looking to buy an engagement ring is not whether it is cushion cut, oval cut, emerald or marquise cut; it is that the purchasing of this ring is a symbol of your love for each other and your intention to marry and be together for always.

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