Womens Rings – Trendy Fashion Statements For The Fashionistas

A great fashion trend in womens rings is gumball rings. And no I am not talking about the cheap plastic rings we used to get out of gumball machines when we were kids. Today’s gumball rings are created by trendy fashion designers and are pieces of fine but fun jewelry, favored by celebrities and fashionistas.

Rachel Leigh is one of the designers who create these vintage looking cocktail womens rings. Her designs are usually a polished, colored resin gumball center set in gold plated metal. AuLait is a creamy coffee color, or there is Martini green, Tomato red and Shark gray/black. Or her Neon Pop range of gumball rings are available in five neon bright colors. One of her rings will cost around $70 to $80.

Hovey Lee’s eco cocktail gumball rings are different in that they use recycled, wrapped gun metal wire for the settings and cultured pearls or balls of polished rose quartz and green agate for the gumballs. These are not only beautiful and highly fashionable womens rings but they are eco-friendly too! These are priced around $50, which is very reasonable as they contain genuine semi-precious stones.

Cocktail womens rings are seen everywhere at the moment, and the bigger the better. If you want to shop online emitations.com has some fabulous big glitzy rings. Their “In the Pink” ring is not quite up to Mariah Carey’s $2.5 million pink diamond engagement ring, but it’s as close as most of us are likely to get. Whereas, Jillian’s Black Estate Ring is far larger than Carmen Electra’s black diamond solitaire. Padma’s purple cocktail ring also from emitations is gorgeous enough to make you feel and look like a celebrity.

Betsey Johnson rings available from regencies.com are wonderful, frivolous, unusual pieces of costume jewelry at a bargain price. Her taxi girl zebra heart ring set with crystals is a huge eye-catcher and what cat lover could resist the vintage Vicky kitty ring which looks like an antique Victorian ring but with a central cute black kitty on a pink background. While you are there also check out her fabulous necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

One place you may not have thought of looking for womens rings is Amazon.com. If you haven’t had a look there you are missing out as they have a huge variety of rings at incredible prices. At the moment a huge 16 carat genuine citrine ring set in sterling silver by Bronze Lily is just $160 and a beautiful pink 17 carat rose quartz also in sterling silver is $155. These prices are amazing for fine jewelry, genuine gemstones and real silver. Of course if you want to really splash the cash or if you want a really special gift then Bronze Lily’s 18k yellow gold, platinum, diamond and blue topaz cocktail ring and matching pendant is $3,500 but looks a million dollars.

Womens rings don’t have to be boring, there is such a variety on the market from $2 to $2 million that there will be a ring to suit every woman and once you get used to wearing them, your hands look naked without them!

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