Ladies Rings – Getting It Right For The Girl In Your Life

From ancient times, women have always adorned themselves with jewelry. Ladies rings have been made of precious metals and gemstones for many hundreds of years without ever going out of fashion. They have always been a symbol of wealth and status as a hand wearing rings is not suited to manual labor.

Today one of the most important factors when buying a ring, and one that is often neglected by the man doing the purchasing, is the size of the ring. By that I do not mean the number of carats contained in the gemstones but the dimensions of the finger that the ring is to fit. Buying an inappropriately sized ring can lead to complications. If the ring is too small it will either be forced on and be extremely difficult to remove or it will never be worn. Sizing a ring to make it larger involves stretching the metal which makes it thinner and should never be done for more than a size or two with precious metals such as gold and platinum.

If the ring is too large it will need to have a piece cut out of the band which can be done by a competent jeweler but again is not advisable for more than one or two sizes. Better by far to get the ring in the correct size in the first place. The average or standard size for most ladies rings is 6.75 or 7.00. If you are unsure what size to buy you could ask the lady outright or most jewelry stores will give you a ring size measure that you can compare to any existing rings.

Next you will need to know whether the lady prefers yellow or white metal as a gift of a ring in the wrong color metal will not be loved, no matter how much it is appreciated. Although some women will wear any color, most will have a clear preference for either white metal, such as sterling silver, white gold or platinum or yellow metal such as gold. It is normally easy to discover this by just looking at the jewelry the woman already wears, but be careful in case she always wears silver as that is all she can afford, but she would secretly love to wear yellow gold.

Traditionally the first gift of a ladies ring would signify an engagement. Then follows the wedding ring, an eternity ring on the birth of the first child and various rings to coincide with anniversaries, including pearl and ruby. You can give diamonds for any anniversary or occasion although it is supposed to be the birthstone for April and to have a diamond wedding anniversary you would have to be married for 60 years. Each landmark anniversary does have a particular material connected with it. Likewise each month of the year has a birthstone so the gift of a ladies ring on a birthday would be particularly appropriate if it features the birthstone of the recipient.

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