Cubic Zirconia Rings – Bling Without The Financial Sting

Cubic zirconia rings offer a really pretty – but inexpensive – alternative to splashing out on diamond rings, especially if you are looking for a nice piece of fashion jewelry just for yourself. To the guys, these are not the best option to give to a bride-to-be as an engagement ring because, although cubic zirconia sparkles, it can generally be seen for what it is – a cheaper alternative to diamond. Better to save up and give your significant other the real deal! For wearing out and about though,  cubic zirconia rings will give you your glitzy glamorous look, without having to break the bank.

What are cubic zirconia rings?

Cubic zirconia is an artificially produced gemstone. It does look very similar to diamond, but has a higher dispersive power; in other words it is better at splitting white light into its colored components than diamond. For this reason, in most cases even somebody untrained in recognizing gemstones can usually tell them apart. The gemstone itself is made industrially by fusing together zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide in an induction-heated cold crucible. The crystals of cubic zirconium obtained are generally flawless and optically perfect – again these are characteristics which cubic zirconia does not share with genuine diamond. Different colored crystals can be manufactured by introducing a chemical dopant into the crucible during production. For example, cerium oxide is added to produce red cubic zirconia; chromium oxide for green; and erbium oxide for pink.

The rings themselves are made from precious metals, so you can find cubic zirconia set in sterling silver, or platinum, or in gold rings. At this point, you can decide on exactly how much you feel comfortable spending on your new finger jewelry, and pick a metal or a quality of gold to suit your budget. Just like with their more expensive diamond cousins, rings are available with a variety of stone configurations, from solitaire to “three stone”, to eternity rings studded around the entire edge with cubic zirconia. So the choices are endless even if your budget isn’t!

Getting set

Because CZ is so cheap in comparison to diamond, you might even find yourself tempted to grab yourself a matching set with earrings and bracelet, so you really can look a million dollars at the next party you get invited to. Just don’t let on how much you paid!