Fully Customizable Triple Halo Ring – Emerald Cluster And Personalized Options

What better way to get your hands on an emerald cluster ring than to opt for this beautiful emerald-encrusted triple halo ring. The three signature stones represent your past, present and future and each is dutifully guarded by a small army of accent stones. The visual impact of such a collection of brilliant round-cut emeralds will be the envy of all your friends, and get attention from strangers too. This style of ring makes an excellent gift for your loved one at any time of the year, whether as a cherished birthday present, or a lavishly romantic Valentine’s gesture. Let’s take a look at what exactly this ring offers when you slide it on your finger.

Emerald Cluster Triple Halo Ring Details

Here are the all important specifications:

  • Center stone is a round cut natural AAA quality emerald, with a carat-weight of 0.45 ct, and dimensions of 5.0 x 5.0 mm
  • Other emeralds are matched, with two smaller flanking emeralds, plus the tiny accent halo gemstones encircling each large emerald
  • Carat-weight of accent gemstones is approximately 0.66 ct
  • Ring band is made from 14K white gold
  • Band width is 4.5 mm at its widest point

Can I Customize The Ring Myself?

The great thing about this ring is that it is fully customizable. Maybe you don’t like emeralds. Perhaps you would prefer diamonds instead for something more traditional. What about switching the green stones for your own birthstone? That’s assuming you were not born in May – otherwise you’re stuck with emeralds! What if you’re on a bit of a budget, and would prefer a metal like sterling silver instead of white gold, to save a few dollars but still end up with an unimaginably gorgeous piece of jewelry for your sweetheart?

All of these can be accommodated by going to the pop-up ‘Customizer’ and selecting your own choices for:

  • Center gemstone
  • Two larger accent stones – these two have to be the same for this ring
  • All the small accent halo stones
  • Precious metal used for the band
  • Precious metal used for the settings
  • Your own personalized inscription

To use the Customizer, just click on the ‘Choose Your Own’ sections in the right-hand column of any product page.
You can start right here.

Here are some little creations I made myself, just to show you what changes you can make, to create your own ring for that touch of uniqueness. I called mine: the Pretty Pink Girly Girl Ring; the Dark Gothic With Beating Heart Ring; and the Traditionalist’s Diamond Dream Ring. I’ll let you figure out which is which!

Click images to buy or Create Your Own Design

What’s The Price? How Much Will This Cost Me?

Good question! The answer is a little more complicated and you will really need to go to the ring you like the look of, or jump straight into the site and start using the Customizer. The precious metals and gemstones are all guaranteed genuine and wherever possible, a huge effort is made to ensure they are sourced in the most ethical way. But the price tag will depend entirely on how much you customize the designs, and also on the day you order your ring – because metal and gem prices fluctuate both up and down. It is possible to ‘lock in’ the price you see for 2 weeks though, just in case your ring happens to go up while you are pondering your potential purchase.

And of course, if you use the Customizer, you can use the variability in prices to your advantage, as you will see an immediate new price every time you make a change. For example, if you are looking at a ring with a platinum band, you might decide you want to pay less than the displayed price, so switch it to sterling silver and see the price plummet! Sweet.

How About Shipping, Returns And Resizings?

All these rings are made in America by skilled artisans, and they will make your ring to order – which is why you get the chance to make so many personalizations to your new favorite ring. They come with a 1-Year Warranty, and a 30-day money back returns policy. So if you don’t love your jewelry when you receive it, just send it back within 30 days and get your money back.

Shipping is free if you are in the USA or Canada – although Canadian VAT needs to be paid; and expedited delivery can incur extra charges. There is also an International Checkout if you live outside of the USA and Canada.

As for resizings, you get a 30-day period to send your ring back and get it resized for free – you just need to pay the shipping costs. Of course, it is far better to get the size right first round, so if you want to save yourself a ton of hassle, spend a few bucks at Amazon and buy this professional ring sizer.

So for a handmade piece of gemstone-encrusted art that you get to make personal in so many ways, why not give the Triple Halo Ring a shot. After all, if it completely fails to please you, there’s always the returns policy to fall back on. I somehow don’t think you’ll be needing it though, once your shiny ring is nestled on your finger!