Three Stone Diamond Rings – Yay, Yay and Thrice Yay!

Three stone diamond rings are one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, second only to solitaire diamonds. These trilogy rings are well loved not just because of their beauty but also due to their significance and meaning. The three stones denote an everlasting love in the form of the three parts representing past, present and future.

The traditional three stone diamond rings would be a central round cut diamond with another round cut diamond either side. The flanking diamonds were usually just slightly smaller than the central diamond. The three stones would typically be set in platinum on a high carat value yellow gold band. If you are intending to buy an antique ring then this is the style you are most likely to come across.

Today’s trilogy rings can be in a huge variety of shapes, styles and designs. Emerald or asscher cut diamonds are particularly in demand at the moment and many three stone diamond rings are made with the central stone in one of these cuts. Either side may be a similarly cut stone or a round cut, but the trend now is for the two flanking stones to be much smaller than the large central stone.

As fancy colored diamonds are so popular, it is inevitable that three stone diamond rings containing these unusual shades of diamond are much sought after. Fancy diamonds can be obtained in pinks, yellows and even more rarely blues and greens. Naturally occurring fancy diamonds are extremely rare and thus very expensive, so most of the colored diamonds to be seen in jewelers’ stores today have had their color enhanced in a laboratory. This makes them somewhat less costly but still equally beautiful.

An outstanding and eye-catching choice for a 21st century engagement ring would be a large central fancy pink or yellow diamond in an asscher or emerald cut flanked by two round brilliant cut sparkling colorless diamonds. Of course the central stone does not have to be a diamond and this style of ring would look equally gorgeous featuring a sublime ruby, a rich green emerald or a Ceylon blue sapphire as the centerpiece.

As a dress ring the three stone design is still desirable and large fashion rings of blue or pink topaz, citrine or amethyst can look stunning in various color combinations. A central amethyst in between two pink topaz stones makes a pretty and very girly ring; whilst the combination of smoky topaz and citrine gives a more daring and funky look. A stunning ring featured on the gemstv website is a central marquise cut yellow citrine with an amazing deep blue, round fancy diamond each side.

One of Goldsmiths designs for diamond trilogy rings is called kissing diamonds as the central stone is raised slightly above the other two, this gives the illusion of the three diamonds merging together as if kissing.

Three stone diamond rings will always be admired as an engagement ring and many celebrities have opted for this classic style including Madonna, Sharon Stone and Toni Braxton.

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