Solitaire Ring – A Commitment With Classic Elegance

Of all the different types of diamond engagement rings available, the classic diamond solitaire ring remains the most popular choice for many couples. Their simple yet elegant appeal is partly the reason why many are captivated by their charm. Plus as they are seen as the symbol of an engagement, nobody seeing one on your ring finger can have any doubt of its significance. In addition to that, they symbolize the perfect expression of love and loyalty, which are major components of a happy marriage.

When you are out to shop for a solitaire, you will soon discover that there are dozens of options available. What you might have thought would be a relatively simple choice can turn into a confusing and overwhelming situation once you realize the variety on offer. What sets a solitaire diamond ring apart from other types of engagement ring is their uncompounded and timeless beauty. Solitaire engagement rings traditionally feature one central diamond stone that is not surrounded by any forms of embellishments, accents, or small stones. However, this doesn’t mean that they are too plain or dull; in fact, the presence of one single stone signifies the love that two individuals chose to share.

Since the focal feature of this kind of ring is its central stone, people instantly assume that in order to buy a ring that stands out, the stone must be bigger than the average. The truth is it doesn’t need to be that way. You should understand that there are other factors to consider (aside from the size of the stone) that will help you end up with the best-looking solitaire engagement ring.
On that note, here are a few important buying pointers that you have to deliberately assess:

•    The ring’s band size – If your partner has slender fingers, opting for a thin ring band featuring an ornate central stone would be a perfect choice. This is mainly because thin bands will put emphasis on the ring’s featured stone, thus, making it look more striking. However, those with less dainty fingers would look better with a wider band.
•    The type of metal used – Consider whether you prefer a gold ring setting and band or platinum. If you choose gold you then need to decide the color and quality – there are more options than just 14k yellow gold.
•    The kind of diamond you want – A classic diamond is clear and colorless but fancy diamonds, much favored by celebrities, are available in shades of pink, yellow and even black.

No matter what type or style of solitaire ring you decide to purchase as your diamond engagement ring, the only thing that matters is that you are now ready to have a lifetime commitment with your significant other. If you see a ring and instantly fall in love with it then that will be your best choice even if it is not what you would have expected to pick. An engagement ring needs to speak to your heart so choose the one your heart selects.

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