Ruby Rings – A Cut Above The Rest

Ruby rings are a stunning gift to give to your partner or other loved ones, but going to a jewelry store and asking to see one may well result in such a bewildering array of options that you feel your head is about to explode. First of all, you will have to decide which metal is best, both for the person you are buying the ruby ring for, and because often certain metals are better at showing off the gems. For example, silvery white metals are wonderful with diamonds, as they accentuate the clear sparkle of the colorless stones.

Once you have considered whether yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver or some other metal is what you are after, the next thing to think about is the stone itself. You already decided on a ruby ring, but there is the question of size and shape. Both of these will be dictated to a large extent by your budget, and of course bigger rubies will mean a bigger price tag. It is important to ask about the origin of the ruby in the ring you are going to purchase; the expensive ones are natural, and prices depend on the quality of the stone and its geographical origin. Since rubies are rarer than diamonds, demand has been fulfilled by using lab created rubies for jewelry, and these are more affordable. Do be careful though, because there are all sorts of techniques available nowadays to enhance the look of precious stones, and many poorer quality rubies are used after treatments to make them look better than they really are – you do not want to be paying top dollar for something that is mediocre.

To help you cut through the next stage – the shape or cut of the ruby – here is a brief summary of the common styles around, which you will see while shopping for that perfect gift. These cuts are used for other gemstones also, and the cut used is generally decided upon by taking account of the shape of the raw (pre-cut) stone and the imperfections within it.

Types of Ruby Gemstone Cuts

10k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Oval Shape with Baguette10k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Oval Shape with Baguette

Oval Cut ruby rings are very popular although the cut itself is fairly modern. It was developed for diamonds in the 1960s and is designed to return as much light as possible for that extra sparkle. The oval cut is a more recent development based on the older round brilliant cut - which again was originally created to accentuate diamonds.

.70 Carat Brilliant Round Cut Ruby Engagement Ring 5mm.70 Carat Brilliant Round Cut Ruby Engagement Ring 5mm

Round Brilliant Cut ruby rings are rarer than the oval cut ones, but also incredibly popular. They are sometimes called round rubies, but in fact, like diamonds, there is a difference. Round diamonds have less facets and will, as a result, sparkle less (return less light) than the more advanced and more highly faceted round brilliant version. Still absolutely dazzling though!

Caperci Vintage Sterling Silver Marquise Cut Fuscia CreatedCaperci Vintage Sterling Silver Marquise Cut Fuscia Created

Marquise Cut ruby ringsare another beautifully shaped piece of gemstone jewelry, and wonderful as engagement rings. The marquise - pronounced "mar-keez" - is similar to the oval, but pointed at both ends. It is often used as a central stone, supported by other accenting gemstones. The style was invented for the Marquise de Pompedeur, the mistress of King Louis XIV.

14K White Gold Created Ruby Cushion Cut Halo14K White Gold Created Ruby Cushion Cut Halo

Cushion Cut ruby rings include the gemstone in one of the older, more traditional shapes. In common with the marquise style, cushion cut - sometimes called pillow cut - rubies usually take the role of central character, with smaller gems acting as accents. They can be square or rectangular, and are faceted to provide maximum brilliance.

2 3/4 ct Emerald-Cut Created Ruby Ring with Diamonds2 3/4 ct Emerald-Cut Created Ruby Ring with Diamonds

Emerald Cut ruby rings contain the ruby shaped the way emeralds were traditionally cut. Of course, emeralds are still cut this way, as are diamonds, and although this particular style has all the hallmarks of the Art Deco period, it is enjoying a renaissance nowadays. It has cropped corners and is a great cut for showing off the luster of the ruby.

Created Ruby and Diamond Accent Mom Heart Ring in SterlingCreated Ruby and Diamond Accent Mom Heart Ring in Sterling

Heart Shaped ruby rings make a cute and romantic gift to a lover. The cut of these gemstones takes considerable skill in order to get the best brilliance from them. Pear cut rubies are a mixture that has an oval cut at one end and a marquise cut at the other. Then to cut a heart shaped ruby, a cleft is cut into the oval end. Heart shaped rubies are rare, but a beautiful way to provide a romatic surprise for your partner.

In all the example pictures, the ruby rings have a large central ruby, and could be described as solitaire rings. These larger gemstones will push the prices of the rings up substantially, and so it is just as nice to find ones that have smaller gems. For example, you will find eternity rings set with rubies, and they might be round cut, or emerald cut; in the latter case they will generally all touch snugly against each other to for a continuous red band around the outside of the ring.

There are also other types of gemstone cuts not described above. The ones I have covered are some of the most common ones you will find in your quest for knowledge about ruby rings, to help you decide which one will be just right.

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