Princess Cut Diamond Rings – The New Tradition In Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamond rings make ideal engagement rings and are the top favorites of many soon to be married couples. Their distinctive cut greatly influences their irresistible appeal. Unlike the traditional ring cuts, a princess cut features pointed corners that typically assume a square shape. Thus it is important for this cut to have a four pronged setting to protect the corners of the diamond.

This type of diamond cut was introduced into the market between 1980 and 1981, and ever since, they have become increasingly popular for engagement rings in either solitaire or in a trilogy with round accent stones. An even more stunning trilogy design includes three identically sized princess cut diamonds, side by side in a platinum setting on a rose gold band, incorporating up-to-the-minute design with old fashioned romance.

Princess cut diamonds are notable for their sharp appearance, unmatched elegance, and classy uncut corners. Prior to the introduction of this cut, square cut diamonds lacked the fire and sparkle of the round cut but this style has changed that. Moreover, princess cut diamonds showcase straight edges along with a well-proportioned angular shape. The ring’s clean-cut edges bring a pristine aura to the diamond stone.

Today, such rings are now sold in varying grades, quality, and prices. Diamonds are graded according to the four Cs; Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat. You should always choose the best clarity that you can afford. Buying a larger stone can be tempting, but if you sacrifice quality for size and the larger stone has unsightly inclusions you may come to regret the purchase later. The most beautiful rings contain a clear sparkling diamond, regardless of size. The diamond should be colorless unless you are buying a fancy colored diamond. Many clever things can be done with the setting to make a top-quality diamond appear larger than it actually is. Even if the band of the ring is in yellow or rose gold, the diamond itself will frequently be set in platinum or white gold. This gives the illusion of a bigger stone and enhances the sparkle and clarity.

If you are truly committed to your partner, the best way to show your eternal love is by giving her a princess cut diamond engagement ring that sparkles with all the fire possible. For years, diamond has become the symbol of undying love and giving your soon-to-be-fiancée this ring is one way of telling her how much you would love to spend the rest of your life with her. Since it is something that she’ll wear for a long, long time, it is ideal that you carefully evaluate your choices. It is highly recommended that you go for premium-grade princess cut diamond rings to ensure top quality. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime purchase so buying the best quality you can is a worthwhile investment. After all isn’t she worth it?

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