Pearl Rings – Treasures From The Sea

pearl rings

In the not too distant past, pearl rings and other pearl based jewelry – especially the fake stuff on the market – belonged in the domain of the senior citizen. But here’s the news: pearl rings are back! They are back in fashion and look fantastic on all ages, girls and ladies alike. And there’s no need to insult your fingers with the false pearls that stand out a mile as fakes, as there is a huge range of different pearl rings set with pearls of all sizes, so there will be a beautiful genuine one  just for you, and perfectly within your price range.

When you go out shopping for a pearl ring and find one that looks nice, have a closer look. The quality of the surface is very important and you certainly do not want to be paying above the odds for a pearl that is misshapen. Look out for cracks, bumps and other imperfections, including color imperfections, as these reduce the value of your pearl ring.

Apart from the pearl itself though, the sky’s the limit in terms of the variety of styles and designs for pearl rings. Some have very large single pearls set into a precious metal band – the ring itself can be gold or white gold, or silver or platinum. Other styles have smaller pearls set into the band but accompanied by other precious stones such as small diamonds for example. Among all the creative possibilities, there is bound to be one perfect design that is just you.

The colors and types of pearls for rings are as varied as the designs which incorporate them. The most expensive are the natural ones, especially if they are large and mainly flawless. Other possible types are cultured – or “farmed” – and these tend to be slightly cheaper. Remember, natural pearls are produced in the wild accidentally and are of course rarer than induced pearls. Some pearls are produced in saltwater and others in freshwater, the former being more valuable. The artifically manufactured ones are entirely synthetic and worthless; this is different from a pearl produced by an oyster as a result of culturing.

A vast range of different colors of pearls can be found, from the familiar white, cream or golden ones to exotic greens, pinks and blues, and the highly prized black pearls. This is why there is something for every price range when you are shopping for pearl rings – if you have an expensive taste for black pearls, then you can make the ring affordable by opting for a smaller one, set perhaps in sterling silver instead of gold. So if you think that pearls are dusty jewels belonging to the past, then think again.

Clare White 6-7mm AAA Quality Freshwater 925Clare White 6-7mm AAA Quality Freshwater 925Fresh Water Pearl & Cubic Zirconia .925Fresh Water Pearl & Cubic Zirconia .925Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Freshwater CulturedPlatinum-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Freshwater CulturedPlatinum-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Bypass FreshwaterPlatinum-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Bypass FreshwaterPearl shell White Sapphire 925 Sterling SilverPearl shell White Sapphire 925 Sterling SilverBOHG Jewelry Womens 18K White Gold PlatedBOHG Jewelry Womens 18K White Gold Plated

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