Crazy For Pave Rings

If you want to give a glamorous-looking ring to your fiancée, then pave rings are something that you should consider. They are called as such due to the unique ring design they carry. These rings are literally paved with diamonds or small stones, which are scattered all throughout the ring band. The stones covering the ring band are cut into tiny pieces and are beautifully encrusted on the surface of the ring to create a solid sparkling look which virtually obscures the ring band.

Rings of this kind make use of minute prongs or tiny beads to produce a stunning diamond effect around the ring’s band. The settings of pave rings are typically constructed from white gold or platinum, but yellow gold can also be used (but on very rare occasions). Pave rings make stunning engagement rings where one large central stone is set on a band totally encrusted in smaller gems.

As you will find with any type of gemstone ring, the price can vary enormously based on the type and quality of the stones used in the setting. But pave rings, whilst looking opulent and extremely expensive can actually be less costly than equivalent solitaire or three stone diamond rings. This is because although the pave ring may contain the same carat weight of diamond this is spread over many tiny stones which are much cheaper to purchase than one or three larger stones. In fact, that is the main idea why they designed the rings in such way. They wanted people to have an affordable ring option while still enjoying a luxurious appeal.

If you are on a tight budget, you could go for a semi-precious gemstone as the central feature stone in a pave ring, such as an aquamarine, topaz or citrine. This way, you can drastically reduce the price of the ring. Or you could get all the beauty of a diamond pave ring without the price by buying created diamonds or cubic zirconia – not to be confused with zircon which is a natural semi-precious stone. Remember that the price of pave setting rings is greatly influenced by their total carat weight. Other factors that may affect the ring’s price include the type, quality and carat value of the stone used, type of metal band and the embellishments included.

Having pave set diamonds almost covering the ring band gives a ring such a dazzling effect that the central stone does not need to be huge or conspicuous. In fact a fairly small stone in a luscious color can be wonderful in this style of ring. Consider a fancy colored diamond, a pink sapphire or an emerald.

Modern jewelry designers also make pave rings that are not intended to be engagement rings. Using pave set diamonds they can cover an unusual shape such as a heart or even a starfish in tiny sparkling diamonds and make the design really come to life. The website has several of these gorgeous designs including Svika Pick’s heart shaped pave diamond rings and a fabulous starfish in champagne colored diamonds.

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