Tanzanite Earrings – Rare Gems Out Of Africa

Who wouldn’t want to own a pair of Tanzanite earrings? Tanzanite is many times rarer than diamonds and although much older has only be known to us for around 40 years. The name comes from Tanzania in Africa, which is the only place on earth this rare and beautiful gemstone has been found.

Unless another source is discovered there is only enough Tanzanite in existence to last a few years at the current rate that it is being used for jewelry making. Now may be the only opportunity you ever have to own a pair of stunning Tanzanite earrings. The wonderful colors of Tanzanite range from pale lilacs and velvety blues through to deep rich purples and violets and it looks amazing combined with other gems such as diamonds. It is such a precious stone that it is rarely set in anything other that high carat gold or platinum.

The history of the discovery of this stunning gem is a romantic one. The story goes that it was first found by Masai tribesmen when they noticed sparkling stones on the ground near Mount Kilimanjaro in the late 1960s. Tiffany & Co of New York were the first well-known jewelers to use this exquisite gemstone in their fashionable jewelry and are supposed to have been the first to use the name. Their promotion of Tanzanite led to it becoming one of the most sought-after and valued gems in existence.

It is normal for mined Tanzanite to be heat-treated before being used for jewelry as this enhances and brings out the colors and far from decreasing its value, creates the beautifully colored stone that we recognize.

Tanzanite drop earrings show the wonderful range of colors and clarity of the stone off to best effect. But unfortunately because of the extreme rarity value of the stone and also because it requires expert cutting, any jewelry made with more than a tiny piece of Tanzanite is likely to prove expensive. You can expect to pay $500 or more for 1 carat of Tanzanite made into a pair of stud earrings set in 14k gold; and around $1,000 for the same 1 carat as drop earrings with accent diamonds. Anything a great deal cheaper than this is likely to be lower quality gemstones or even fake.

The main problem with Tanzanite jewelry is that it is so sought after that a large quantity of simulated and created Tanzanite has been made and some unscrupulous sellers may try and pass this off as genuine. So it is advisable to only buy from a reputable jeweler, or if you are buying from an online store or auction site such as eBay, check the seller’s feedback before you make your purchase.

If you would like a pair of Tanzanite earrings but cannot afford the price, you have a few alternatives. Iolite is cheaper and does resemble Tanzanite although it does not have the depth of color. Sometimes Iolite and other stones are combined in jewelry with small amounts of genuine Tanzanite to reduce the cost. Or, of course you could settle for a pair of earrings containing created or simulated Tanzanite. These can provide the look of the genuine stone but without the value or romance. Find out more about Tanzanite Jewelry.

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