Ruby Earrings – Exotic Beauty From Asia

Few other gems have the wonderful depth of color and the aristocratic history of rubies. The best rubies are a bright clear red.  Traditionally the finest rubies come from Asia, particularly Burma and Sri Lanka. Rubies come from the same gem ‘family’ as sapphires, the only difference being their color. Rubies are nearly as hard as diamonds and even rarer, which unfortunately makes them expensive.

Ruby is the birthstone for July, so what better gift could there be for the woman with a birthday in July, than a gorgeous pair of ruby earrings? Rubies look particularly beautiful combined with diamonds in white gold.

Large rubies can be prohibitively expensive, but fortunately they are such a colorful and glamorous stone that small rubies in a pair of ruby earrings are enough to give a dramatic effect. A popular design for rubies in stud earrings is to have five or six marquise cut rubies, to resemble petals, around a central diamond. These little flower earrings are very attractive but not ostentatious, so they can be worn every day.

Because of their color, rubies also lend themselves to being cut into heart shapes for earrings, pendants and rings. A heart shaped pendant together with a pair of matching ruby earrings is a stunning combination for a special occasion or even a bride on her wedding day.

Rubies can sometimes be confused with garnets, another red gemstone, which is not nearly so rare or so precious. However, if you look carefully you will see that the garnet is a deeper brownish red while the ruby is brighter with more pink tones.  As good rubies tend to be costly, there is a lot of ruby jewelry being sold today with lower quality, but still genuine rubies. It is easy to recognize these as they are not clear and appear to be a solid pink rather than red. There is also a large quantity of synthetic rubies on the market. These created rubies can look very good and if price is an issue then a top quality pair of created ruby earrings could be preferable to a pair containing low quality but real rubies.

Although rubies tend to look better combined with white metals such as silver, white gold or platinum, they can also look striking set in rose gold. As gold is quite a soft metal it is usually combined with other metals before being made into jewelry to make it more durable. Often gold is mixed with a small percentage of silver which creates the yellow gold that is most commonly used for jewelry today. However, sometimes gold can be mixed with copper and this gives a warmer pinkish tone to the gold, known as rose gold. This rose gold can be somewhat overpowering in large pieces but is a wonderful setting for a dainty pair of ruby earrings.

If price is no object then you might like to consider an extravagant pair of ruby earrings, each containing a square cut ruby, beautifully clear and each over 1 carat, set in platinum, for around $5,000. Get more info and prices for Ruby Jewelry.

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