Amethyst Earrings – Jewelry That Leaves Your Bank Balance In The Pink

Amethyst is the most highly prized variety of quartz. It ranges in color from a pale, almost colorless lilac through pinks and purples to a deep violet. Because of its beauty and also the fact that amethyst is considerably cheaper than the precious gemstones, diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire, it is extremely popular for all types of jewelry. You can find bracelets, rings, pendants and amethyst earrings in a huge range of styles, from budget ranges to high fashion designer pieces.

Amethyst was also extremely popular in Victorian times and there is a great deal of antique and vintage jewelry containing this lovely stone still available today. Most Victorian amethyst jewelry features the gothic look in vogue at the time and so is usually made from the deeper purple colors. Often amethyst drop earrings were made with an open setting in yellow gold. This type of setting allows light to shine through the stone and show off its colors to their best effect.

Many pieces of this semi-precious stone are banded, which means the color is not constant throughout and although this can be an attractive feature, most jewelers prefer to match amethyst earrings precisely. While it may be better to have identical earrings, a large piece of the quartz, cut and polished to show the color banding effectively can look beautiful as a pendant.

Pink gemstones are particularly fashionable at the moment and for those who cannot afford pink sapphires or pink diamonds, pink amethyst earrings are a more economical alternative. Pink amethyst looks most striking set in white metal, such as sterling silver, white gold or platinum. The fashion is for large pieces of the stone set in chunky rings and pendants. Today’s celebrities are frequently seen wearing this type of jewelry which naturally makes it popular with young women who like to emulate their idols. So if you are looking for a gift for a daughter or a young female friend, a pair of pink amethyst earrings, preferably drops and set in sterling silver, would be perfect.

In recent years a variety of amethyst that appears green has been widely used in jewelry making. Although this unusual coloration is stated to come from Brazil and be a natural phenomenon, it in fact results from the effect of heat on the pink or purple quartz, whether that heat is naturally or mechanically generated. Whatever its cause, the green stone is attractive and unusual and often tones better with modern fashions than the purple variety.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February so a birthday gift of amethyst jewelry for either women or men is appropriate. If your budget does not run to fine jewelry, it is possible to buy single polished stones or even lumps of the natural crystals just as they are mined as a good-luck charm or paperweight perhaps.

Legend has it that a wearer of amethyst could not become intoxicated by alcohol. This strange folklore, although it persisted for many years, is unfortunately not true. Learn more about and buy Amethyst Jewelry.

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