Drop Earrings – For Style That Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

People often confuse drop and dangle earrings. So what is the difference that sets them apart? Drop earrings tend to be the shape of teardrops, or spherical. They are commonly also dangle earrings, but danglers can be any shape, not just teardrop shaped. And just to make things a little more confusing, drops do not have to be danglers; they can be very short, hanging close to the earlobe.

Personal style is an important consideration when choosing drop earrings. Of course, if you don’t like this particular style, you won’t wear them. For some people wearing highly coloured or multicoloured drop earrings highlights their quirky or fun personality. However other people prefer the more sophisticated look. They will opt for simple drop earrings, usually with a single stone such as a diamond, or the cheaper versions which have a cubic zirconia instead.

Age is also a factor when choosing this type of earring. Longer dangling drops are normally worn by younger girls or women. For older women less is more, and the earrings need to be understated and elegant. As with all things jewelry-related though, the rules are not set in stone, and it is normally mood that dictates whether an outrageously extrovert design should be worn, as opposed to a discreet and demure design.

For all types of earrings, comfort is important. It is important not to wear heavy ones, especially dangle or drop earrings and definitely not immediately after getting your ears pierced. If you want to wear dangle earrings wait a few months, and just wear stud earrings – something nice and lightweight. If you wear heavy earrings too early, they will stretch the piercing hole, which can be painful and end up looking rather unsightly.

lever back drop earring

Drop earrings are available with a variety of fastenings, depending on how dangly they are, whether they are designed to move with your body (rather than attaching rigidly to your ears), and also according to the design itself. The dangly, moveable ones can be attached by ear wires, which are rather like hooks; or by a simple friction back. The latter is a good fastening when the design includes ornamentation attached directly to the front of your earlobe (like in the picture at the top of the page). The shorter, more rigid variety of drop earring is generally fastened using a lever back attachment.

Drop earrings are a very versatile style of earring, as they can be worn out on the town, or at the office, since their simpler design makes them a little more conservative than the more over the top styles. Learn more and buy Drop Earrings.

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