Clip On Earrings – Is There Any Point?

In the past clip on earrings could be regarded as the ugly sister of the more elegant and refined “piercing-style” earring. How times have changed. In recent years they have made a giant comeback, and all sorts of people rave about them, from all age groups and from schoolgirls to big celebrities. Is there any point to them though? Are they any good? And why not just get your ears pierced and do the “earring thing” properly?

Not everybody wants to or is able to get their ears pierced, and this can be for a range of reasons. Some people are intolerant of the pain or even just the thought of it; some worry about things like getting infections after a piercing is done; others are concerned with ending up with permanent damage to their earlobes, especially if the piercing hole stretches (quite common with heavier earrings). For many other people, their beliefs may come into play; their religious beliefs might not permit things like pierced body jewelry or tattoos. Of course, it is also common in many households around the world where a younger girl (or boy) wants to get her ears pierced but the parents are against it, believing that she is too young. A clip on earring is a good choice as it causes no damage to young ears, and does not modify the body and so should not offend any religious beliefs.

Clip on earrings are also better for people who are impatient and don’t want the hassles of a real piercing, and having to wear a stud until it has healed, or who do not want to be style-limited by their earlobes – remember that great care needs to be taken not to wear heavy earrings, especially with recent piercings, as they can stretch the hole, and may cause permanent damage to the cartilage of the earlobe. So this is where clip on earrings stand out as an excellent choice. Any size or shape can be worn, whether they are small, large, dangly or whatever. They do not cause any damage at all, so large ones can be worn straight away, or quickly changed for cute little ones. The world of options really does open up for you, and the great thing about them is that stylistically, they have caught up with their piercing cousins, with clip on chandelier earrings, clip on earrings for kids, and pretty much any type you could wish for.

They work exactly how you would imagine they’d work; by gripping tightly to the earlobe – but without any pain or damage. They are held as tightly as any “normal” piercing-based earring, so don’t worry about them flying off at the slightest breeze. Clip ons are also easier to put on and take off, and if you are unlucky enough to ever get them caught up on something, such as clothing, they won’t stretch or tear  your earlobe if you accidentally give it a tug; with a clip on, it’ll just pull safely away from your ear.

So is there any point in wearing clip on earrings? I’d say so. They’re great for flamboyant style and showiness without the agony of torn piercings. They’re great for kids, so they can dress up and look pretty for special occasions. And they are also a neat solution for people who don’t usually wear earrings but fancy a change for a special “one off” occasion that wouldn’t warrant getting a real piercing.

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