Clip Earrings – Flexible Style For Ages From Teens To Nineties

Clip earrings are a versatile accessory that can be worn by women of all ages. Although they have been around for many years, the styles and designs that are available are continuously changing to keep up with current fashion trends. If you have never considered wearing clip earrings, now is a perfect time to start.

This type of earrings can be very inexpensive and are ideal for someone who likes to experiment with new looks. The variety of styles is huge as some designs of earring that would be too heavy for pierced ears work extremely well with clips. The best thing about this type of earrings is the fact that they can be worn even if you do not have pierced ears. Yes, you definitely heard it right! You do not need to have ear piercing to be able to showcase their appealing charm. Women who are afraid of piercing will definitely be delighted to know that they can still wear earrings without having the need to undergo the process that they hate the most. Aside from that, clip-on earrings are very flexible and adaptable. Whether you are a teenager, in your nineties or anywhere in between, you will always be able to find clip-on earrings to look good on you.

If you are thinking about buying yourself some clip earrings, here are a few things to look for:

• Earring Design – This is perhaps one of the major factors that you have to take note of. Remember that there are lots of styles available for this type of earring, and you would want to make sure that you will buy something that stands out from the rest. Basically, you have to choose from simple or intricately designed earrings. Large dangly earrings are popular as clip-ons. Of course, those with elaborate and eye-catching styles will allow you to stand-out more from the crowd.
• Materials Used – Clip-on earrings are produced from a wide range of materials, with everything from plastic and beads, to gold, sterling silver and gemstones. It is important to decide whether you are looking for a quality pair of earrings that will last a long time, or whether you are just looking for an up-to-the-minute fashion accessory that you may only wear once or twice and then discard.

This is where clip earrings are such a good buy as fashionable pairs can often be bought very cheaply in department stores or even from thrift stores. You can have a different pair to go with every outfit in your wardrobe if you choose.

With retro fashions being so popular at the moment, a few pairs of cheap used clip earrings will keep you bang up-to-date. Look for styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Hygiene is not so much of an issue with used clip earrings as it is with earrings for pierced ears but if you are worried just wipe the clips with some babies’ bottle sterilizing solution and a clean cotton pad.

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