Can I Clean My Gold Ring Myself?

Many people ask how they can clean their gold ring, when what they really mean to ask is how they can clean their gold ring cheaply. They have become accustomed to the fact that going to a jewelers can mean having to dig deeply into their pockets. This is, of course, true if you are […]

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filigree jewelry

Filigree Rings For a Touch of Old-Fashioned Romance

Plain diamond solitaire engagement rings are lovely and oh so popular, but sometimes a girl wants something a little bit different, more individual and more romantic. Filigree rings can provide the air of old fashioned romance that can sometimes be lacking in a modern relationship. Are you planning on proposing marriage to your fiancée? If […]

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The Everlasting Beauty Of Filigree Engagement Rings

A twisted, lightweight thread is the beginning of the process which eventually gave rise to filigree rings. When you start with this thought, you know the outcome will be beautiful. This is why there is something special and precious about filigree engagement rings. It is a gift any bride will cherish, and any groom will love to give.

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Pearl Rings – Treasures From The Sea

In the not too distant past, pearl rings and other pearl based jewelry – especially the fake stuff on the market – belonged in the domain of the senior citizen. But here’s the news: pearl rings are back! They are back in fashion and look fantastic on all ages, girls and ladies alike. And there’s […]

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Modern Emerald Cluster Rings

When you think of emerald rings, or rings containing any stone for that matter, you may immediately think of a big, shiny, brilliantly displayed solitaire stone. While this traditional look is no doubt a gorgeous setting, the fact is that you may benefit more from a cluster ring for several reasons.

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How To Buy Diamond Toe Rings

Diamond is the queen of all the gemstones and diamond toe rings are probably the most stylish toe jewelry available. Here are a few tips for choosing the best quality diamonds for your toe rings.

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asscher engagegement

Say ‘I Love You’ With Asscher Engagement Rings

A diamond is forever, and forever it shall be a gal’s best friend. Her favorite diamonds are going to be those found in the ring he gives her when asking for her hand in marriage. This ring will be a part of her, as will his love for her. When a man steps forward and seals his destiny, he wants everything to be perfect, as perfect as she is.

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silver filigree ring

Silver Jewelry And Other Great Jewelry Gift Ideas

The desire for attractive silver jewelry carries on and one increasingly popular item is silver earrings. A specific thing you might not know about sterling silver is that it inhibits bacterial growth, so silver jewelry, even pieces that were used many times, stay just about germ free. This tends to make sterling a really good […]

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white gold-wedding-rings

White Gold Wedding Rings And Other Romantic Love Jewelry

Rings have been given and worn as love tokens for hundreds of years and today rings are the accepted symbols for engagements as well as weddings. Finding rings for those significant events shouldn’t be a rash judgement because they will be worn and cherished for years in the future. At present the vogue is more […]

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